12 Best Travel Apps for Your Visit to Paris: Transport, Discovery, Tips

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Paris Eiffel from Notre Dame

If you travel one or several times a year, you already know that travelers' best friends are their phone now. This little device becomes so handy in a foreign country, almost essential. Its first practicality is to help you locate and direct yourself like a local, in places you have never been to. But that's not it ! 

Nowadays, there are thousands of applications dedicated to help you travel more easily in different ways: locate restaurants or paths to walk, find free WIFI or restrooms, order food, get in touch with local friends, arrange transportation... Even the cities themselves develop apps to support the visitors in their experience.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best travel apps that would be helpful to download before your travel to Paris. Check them out and let us know which ones you find vital to have on your phone !

Traveler's Tip: Don't miss out on the opportunity to save time and money on your visit to Paris! Consider purchasing a city pass in addition to using the best travel apps for the city. Check out our guide to the Best City Pass for Paris to find the right options for your itinerary and budget.

1. RATP App

How to Use the Metro in Paris

RATP is the transportation application of the main transport company in Paris. It helps checking timetables and next departures around you when in Paris. It allows you to plan your route, view transit times in real time, receive alerts in the event of disruption on your lines (which happens more often than we think) and view all RATP network maps. You can find all the information on your RER, Metro, Bus, Tramway, Transilien modes of transport. Gives the information about the density of the travel on your route.

2. City Mapper App

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City mapper is a great free application that provides the comfort of wandering around as if you are not a stranger to that city but a local. This application will save you from confusion when you need to get somewhere in Paris either by a vehicle or on foot. It guides you to the station you need to get on and tells you after how many minutes the vehicle will arrive, which stop you are at, how many stops are left. It is one of the most used app in the world when it comes to travel.

3. Your Mobile Guide App

Your Mobile App Website Visual - AudioGuide Paris

It is nice to visit a beautiful place like Paris, the streets are like museums and every corner hides a new discovery building, monument or church. But if you don't know anything about them, you might feel easily bored or even frustrated ! The ideal solution would be to have a local guide in your pocket... Well, believe it or not, it's possible thanks to the Your Mobile App, an audioguide App ! This app is the only one to offer audioguides from local people, professionals mostly, who make you discover the city for a few euros. This concept is new and revolutionary. Enjoy !

4. Wevat, the tax refund app

Wevat is a digital tax refund app that makes it easy for travellers to save money on their shopping in France. Compared to traditional in-store VAT refund methods, Wevat gives you up to 23% more VAT back. There’s also no minimum spend per purchase, as long as your spend over the whole trip is more than €100, you can claim! Just make sure you download Wevat before your trip and remember to ask for a ‘Facture’ (the French word for invoice) addressed to Wevat when shopping. Then simply snap a picture of your purchase invoices, generate and scan your barcode when you leave France. There are no paper forms, no repeated scanning or dropping off forms required with Wevat. It’s also fully regulated by both French and UK customs.

5. Secrets de Paris 

Picture Credit: Google Play

Secrets de Paris is a free application that gives you a lot of usefull information about the unknown places that worths to see such as rooftops with a view, secret passageways, less known interesting streets or original restaurants. You can mark whatever takes your interest, create your own favorite list and find that place later. Discover the secrets through the interactive maps of Secrets de Paris.

6. WIFI Finder 

To see the nearest WiFi hotspots, this is a must have application. This is certainly easier to tap into a Wi Fi finder and let it direct you to the closest place with public hotspot than searching for a network by chance. 

7. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris in France

This is a must have application to find your way around Disneyland Paris to make the most of your visit. After passing through the entrance of the park, all the facilities can be used unlimitedly throughout the day at no additional cost. You should be prepared to  that you might  need to wait for long queues that occur from time to time. To control your time more effectively and enjoy the magic, this application will guide you. The users can check out the waiting times for the rides in real time. It is possible to check out the restaurant options as well as the shows and parades with the characters in the park.

8. Uber

terminal taxi traveler in paris in france

Uber is actively operating in Paris. Standing out with its price consistency, feedback features and ease of payment, Uber would be a good option when there is a need for a ride. UberPOOL is the cheapest option as it allows you to share the vehicle with other passangers and share the price. Uber X could be a better and more economical option when you're going to travel with 3 or 4 people. 

9. The Fork

The Fork is an application to make restaurant reservations easily. It is possible to check out the real reviews of the customers as well as shared photos. In France it is used commonly and also known as "La Fourchette". The Fork enables users to check the restaurants sorted by distance and keeps them updated about hourly deals of the restaurants. Every reservation made from the application makes the users earn points to be used for later bookings. 

10. Mister Good Beer  

Mister Good Beer is a very popular application in Paris that shows list of bars around you with good beers, together with the prices. It becomes the best friend of beer hunters telling  the best  budget friendly and tasty options, besides how to get there. As the application keeps itself updated regularly, it is possible to stay informed about the "happy hours" of the bars nearby. It is a free application, very usefull for tourists and locals available for both iOS and Android.

11.  Balades Paris Durable

Belleville Park in Paris in France

"Balades Paris Durable" is a free mobile application to discover several urban walking routes in Paris. An innovative idea to explore lots of alternative walks with little known facts about ecology around the capital. It is a fun way of learning a lot about Parisian biodiversity on your way to make your own discoveries with the details about common species, new garden concepts and developments. The users can share photos from the routes that could be found on the galleries.

12. Où sont les toilettes ?

Picture Credit : https://www.justgeek.fr/

When the emergency rings bell, you don't need to feel extra stranger in the streets of Paris you just started discovering. One of the most challenging thing for a tourist in Paris is to find a public toilet on the right time. But it is possible to be prepared by having this application before the extreme emergency situations. "Où sont les toilettes ?" will save the life of many parents during their vacation in Paris. It is used by travelers as much as by locals.

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