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Paris Airports

Paris has officially 2 main airports : Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly. However, a third one, Beauvais-Tillé, is getting more and more attention even if it is very far from the center of the city. It plans to develop in the following years. Here are the 3 airports :

01. Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

Called only "Roissy" by Parisians, the main and biggest airport of France and second biggest airport of Europe is located in the northern area of the Parisian suburb. It covers each year more than 75 millions passengers.

02. Orly Airport (ORY)

Orly Airport, located about 9 kilometers south of Paris, partly in Orly and partly in Villeneuve-le-Roi, is the second-biggest international commercial airport of Paris and France. It covers 30 millions passengers each year. 

03. Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA)

Beauvais-Tillé is a commercial airport, opened in 1954 for civil aviation. It is dedicated to charter flights, located at 80 km north from Paris center. It covers around 30 000 passengers per year and plans to extend its capacity in the coming years.

Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) information

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is the largest international commercial airport in France and the second largest passenger airport in Europe with approximately 76 million passengers per year.

It is located about 23 kilometers north of Paris in the suburb of Roissy and therefore, the airport is simply called "Roissy" by Parisians. It is named after the French general and statesman Charles de Gaulle.

  • Terminal 1 : Central terminal building, mainly reserved for Star Alliance airlines
  • Terminal 2 : Arrival and departure terminal of Air France and its Sky Team-Partners
  • Terminal 3 : Arrival and departure terminal of most charter airlines and low carriers
  • Arrival and Departure : The current arrival and departure times can be found on the homepage of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. 

    To get details about your flight, you can also consult the website of the airline in charge of your carrier.

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    Orly Airport (ORY) information

    Paris Orly Airport is the second largest international commercial airport in Paris with an annual passenger volume of over 35 million. It is located about 9 kilometers south of Paris, partly in Orly and partly in Villeneuve-le-Roi. The distance to the city center of Paris is about 18 kilometers.

    Before Air France moved to Charles de Gaulle Airport, it had its hub at Orly Airport. Today, Air France mainly operates domestic flights from Orly, as well as flights to the French-speaking countries of Africa. 

    The only German airline at Paris Orly Airport is Air Berlin. Paris Orly serves as a hub for Corsair International, Transavia France and Easyjet. Air France uses it for domestic flights. 

  • Terminal 1 : former West Terminal with boarding gates A, B and C
  • Terminal 2 : part of the former West Terminal
  • Terminal 3 : connects the terminals with each other, boarding gate D is located here
  • Terminal 4 : former South Terminal with boarding gates E and F
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    Beauvais Airport (BVA) information 

    Beauvais-Tillé was opened in 1954 for civil aviation. Today, it is has become a commercial airport flying over 30 000 passengers per year, planning to expend more in the coming years.

    Paris Beauvais-Tillé is located 84 kilometers north of Paris and is not fully considered a Paris airport. It is mainly served by low-cost airlines, with Ryanair and Wizzair dominating but also Blue Air as well as Air Moldava use this airport. In total, about 6 airlines fly to 60 destinations from two terminals, one of the main destinations is Bucharest. There are connections to Paris by bus, a shuttle service or by highway. 

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    Private Transfer Options

    The private transfer option is always the more efficient and easy way to travel to airports in a foreign country. It saves you from troubles of being late or dealing with public transports. We offer good deals for private transfer options in our official Paris Shop.

    Shuttle Transfer Options

    If you are looking for a more economical and easy way to get to airports in Paris, you can also choose the Shuttle Bus transfer option. If is less fast than the private transfer but gets you to the destination comfortably. Here are the options available in our official shop for each Paris airport.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Which airport is the best to fly into in Paris ?

    Orly airport. Orly Airport is the smallest of the 2 main Paris airports and the closest to the city. Even if both main airports are accessible by public transport, the journey to Orly is faster.

    What are the main airports of Paris ?

    Roissy Charles de Gaulle, 25 Kms from the center, Orly Airport 14 kms, and Beauvais-Tillé 80 kms.

    How many airports are in Paris ?

    There are 2 official airports attached to Paris.

    What are Paris airports codes ?

    Roissy Charles de Gaulle - CDG

    Orly - ORY

    Beauvais-Tillé - BVA

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